Will you survive

It's 2050, and a new war between mega-corporations is about to break out. Will you fight or flee?


The year is 2050.

A handful of dominant mega-corporations have amassed extraordinary power and are locked in a next-generation arms race to consolidate their powers.

Armed with groundbreaking organic fabrication technology, these companies compete on the new frontier of synthetic being creation, bringing myth to life.

Dream Fields, the giant of agro-tech, has concocted Faeries and Goblins to tap into unknown parts of the natural world.

Within the Caduceus Corporation, Angels inhabit the research labs and operating rooms, creating unprecedented faith in the ability of technology to halt the inevitable cycle of life and death… while Demons lurk.

What other synthetic beings will emerge from rival mega-corporations? And who will win the ultimate fight to control the governance of good and evil?


First 2222 Collectors


Sensei Holders

Available only to Sensei Holders

  • Original NFT comic book stories
  • 1/1 Artist Edition and Signed Editions
  • Special Role on Discord
  • Early Metaverse Airdrop #1
  • Raffles
  • Early access to Future Kumite Drops
  • Staking Rewards Multiplier to $KUMITE
  • Airdrops

First 4444 Collectors


Senpai Holders

Available only to Senpai Holders

  • First access to Comic Book Mints
  • 1/1 Artist Edition
  • Metaverse Airdrop #2
  • Early access to Future Kumite Drops
  • Staking Rewards Multiplier to $KUMITE
  • Airdrops



Brawler Holders

  • Early access to Future Kumite Drops
  • Early Metaverse Airdrop #3
  • Staking Rewards Multiplier to $KUMITE
  • Airdrops


Stage 1

The Kumite project launches with 9,600 custom illustrated 2D NFTs, genetically generated from a comprehensive custom code set and a wide array of unique traits.

Each NFT is completely random at mint and consists of over 240 different characteristics and multiple unique layers and traits.

Each avatar has a unique look and a unique identity. NFT rarity can be checked in our rarity tool.


Serial entrepreneur, visionary, cultural catalyst, and co-founder of HeroMaker Studios. Founder and publisher of Wizard magazine. Grew Comic Con from a niche fan event into a global cultural phenomenon.


The Chancellor

Serial entrepreneur, visionary, and family man. Co-founder of HeroMaker Studios and GravyStack. Founder and past CEO of Hapbee Technologies and Apex Leadership Co. Photographic memory, skiing, Braveheart, Ironman, Cool Runnings


The Oracle

Strategic marketing guru behind many of the biggest global IP launches across entertainment, publishing and gaming in the world. CMO HeroMaker Studios. Community builder. Hodophile.


The Seer

Hands-on tech entrepreneur passionate about developing transformative technology. CTO of HeroMaker Studios. Multiple-time MIT Hackathon winner.


The Codebreaker

Helped Steve Jobs design the first iPhone. Once told Jeff Bezos to suck it. Elon Musk regularly calls him for battery advice. Pretty much created Web3. Is a Pisces that loves to cuddle with bull dogs and watch 'This Is Us'. Find me on Tinder.


The Ninja


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token, which means that it's a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade. NFTs can be solely digital art, or can give owners exclusive access to events, games, websites, physical items, etc.

What is Kumite NFT?

Kumite NFT is the first collection created by HeroMaker Studios. There is a total supply of 9,600 art pieces designed by an art team lead by Clark Huggins on the Ethereum Blockchain. By using the ERC-721 standards; each NFT is unique and provides full commercial rights.

How do I get on the presale list?

Check out our Discord channel called #allowlist-steps for more info.

How can I purchase a Kumite NFT?

You will need to install the Metamask extension on your desktop or download the Metamask app on your mobile device.

On desktop: you will connect your Metamask wallet to the minting website (only use the #official-links channel in the Discord for the mint website) and then you can mint.

On mobile: you will need to go through the Metamask app and search the minting website url through the built in browser. You will connect your wallet and then will be able to mint.

More detailed instructions will follow closer to the mint date.

When is the official launch for Kumite NFT?

Presale: To be announced
Public sale: To be announced

What is the price for a Kumite NFT?

Price: To be announced